The So Foot Newsletter for November 2023


It's November... It's gray, it's raining, the cold is creeping in, but there's no time to get depressed here. We are here to add glitter to your lives! And we're going to amaze you with our new collection of limited edition photos.

It's always you who choose our first photo from the new collection. This time I think that your votes on our Instagram @boutiquesocollection owe a lot to the expression on Edwin van der Sar's face , completely stunned by the height Messi takes to put his head in the back of the net.

For the rest, the editorial journalists have done everything to make you experience all the emotions. With nostalgia first, in front of the OM starting lineup during his European coronation in 1993. Rage with the celebration of Thiago Silva and Marquinhos against Liverpool. Joy with a scene of celebration between Eric Cantona and David Beckham , two legendary Manchester United players. And therefore amazement at Lionel Messi's superhuman jump in the Champions League final.

We're not changing good habits, all these beautiful photos are available in limited edition since midnight tonight, so don't delay in ordering them! And for those whose tastes are more sartorial, we have released a brand new t-shirt celebrating the world's biggest professional football clubs.

But still ? We present to you the mugs and the football pin products on the occasion of our last Incredible Brocante Sports (which we skipped showing you)

Photos :

"La Pulga" , a nickname given to him because of his small size and yet, this evening of the 2009 Champions League final, " the Flea" flew more than 2m70 from the ground, which is - considering his meter 70- a dry relaxation of 1 meter. The equivalent of an NBA player when he dunks. In this match, founder of one of the greatest rivalries in this sport , opposed Barça Leo Messi At Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United . Final score: 2-0. Of which this timeless goal, a suspended moment, a sort of spatio-temporal fault, of the Argentinian , one of the first stones in the construction of his statue of living legend. The proof: he won his first Ballon d’Or the same year.

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In 1955 was created the European Champion Clubs' Cup , and for almost 30 years, not a French club managed to win the cup. After the failures of Reims in the 1950s and Saint Etienne in the 70s, it was the golden generation of Olympique de Marseille with (in order of appearance, from left to right, starting at the top): Fabien Barthez, Franck Sauzée, Marcel Desailly, Eric Di Meco, Jocelyn Angloma, Didier Deschamps, Basile Boli, Alen Boksic, Jean-Jacques Eydelie, Rudi Völler and Abedi Pelé , who, together, will finally manage to lift this legendary trophy. And how ! With a magnificent headphone blast filled with rage  Basil Boli who, like Eric Di Meco and Abedi Pelé, still had the final lost on penalties in 1991 across the throat. A vengeful Marseille which finally allows France to no longer be cursed!

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Manchester United's 90s , a great era. Sir Alex Ferguson was at the top of his game. With his golden generation 92, he won his 5 PL titles, 4 FA Cups, 1 Champions League, a European Super Cup, etc., etc. Among its main protagonists: Eric Cantona and David Beckham , one by his charisma and his enthusiasm in the field, the other for his extraordinary right paw . Both celebrate a volley, this famous right leg by David Beckham against Liverpool, following a perfect control from Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer. Later, they will join in 2nd and 3rd position the Hall of Fame from Manchester for the indelible imprint that they left on the history of the club.

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An expressive image to say the least . 2018 European Cup campaign. PSG is off to a bad start after a defeat against Liverpoo l, two draws against Naples and only one small victory Belgrade . The Parisian club therefore only has 5 points before the 5th day and the reception of Liverpool by Klopp, Mané, Firmino and Salah at the Parc des Princes . This celebration of O Monstro and Marquinhos says a lot about the warrior mindset of the capital's players during this match. Because it's not a goal they celebrate, but indeed a referral to six meters , following a Marqui's successful defensive return on the Egyptian attacker . Paris finally wins this match (2-1) and finished first in his group. Unfortunately the old Parisian demons are resurfacing and they will be eliminate from the 1/8th final against Manchester United.

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The T-shirt :

As promised, here is our new t-shirt! A concept that we hope you will like as much as we like it. Directly inspired by the magnificent t-shirt that we see everywhere from The Building Platform, a real must-have on all construction sites . Obviously, we had to revisit it in our own way with the revamped logos of all the biggest clubs in the world. 100% professional.

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The Mugs:

We've never really talked to you about them, and yet you love them a lot! Here is a very small part of our collection of mugs with quirky quotes from famous athletes (Zidane, Cruyff, Beckham, Mourinho, Domenech, Merckx, Fignon, Chang, Berbizier, Moscato, Lomu...), but not that...

There is something for every taste ! Particularly illustrated ones. From Pelé and Maradona, or even Shaq.

A message to send to your boss at the office? We are here with our “My n+1 is an idiot”. Or N+2. Or CEO.

Does your coach bombard you with your festive outings on Saturday evening when there is a match on Sunday morning? Send him a clear message: “It’s decided, I’m no longer going out the day before matches.”

This is just a small sample of what we have in stock, so come take a look at our mug collection to see the full extent.

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Our Pins:

We remain in the nostalgic atmosphere of the Incredible Brocante Sports last May with our magnificent Diego Maradona pin , taken from the poster created by Ivan Peev. To this day, still the largest flea market in Europe! This object is reserved for the most minimalist and fanatical fans of El Pibo de Oro!

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All these photographs (and this t-shirt) are available on the store since November 1st at 00:01

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