The So Foot Newsletter for June 2023


So, this flea market? You have loved ? Some were able to come see us at our stand? In any case, we are delighted with the reception of this new edition of the Incredible Brocante Sports with the friends of TrashTalk, the number of visitors still increasing, the very friendly atmosphere and its media coverage. With the live recording of the Esprit Sport show from France Inter presented by Nathalie Ianetta and Claude Askolovitch ( listen again here ) 👇👇👇

But above all a beautiful full page in Le Parisien the next day devoting us, in the words of French expert Jean-Marc Leynet , to “the largest sports flea market in Europe”. Just that !

In short, the good news is that it won't be the last. The other being that we could in the more or less distant future export it elsewhere than to Paris. We need to find a nice partner by then. But with a brave heart, nothing is impossible. Pay attention to our next communications on the subject.

That being said, let's move on to the new collection of football photos for the month of June (after our shameful failure in May). With black & white, Diego Armando Maradona at his prime, Paolo Rossi's Juve and the stabilized ground, very football district but very aesthetic seen from the sky. As you now know, all these photos are in a very limited edition, 11 copies per size. Presentation.


On this day of June 29, 1986, Diego Maradona did not play the best match of his career. Far from there. But it is clearly the one who crowns him on the roof of the world, since at the end of this World Cup final against Harald Schumacher's West Germany (3-2) he pockets his one and only world champion title. Nevertheless, in this World Cup, it is the Pibe de Oro who carries his Albiceleste teammates throughout the competition and leads them towards this coronation match. So even if this action where the number 10 is cut by the German goalkeeper and his teammate Hans Peter Briegel is a good summary of his meeting, we must here above all see his flight, he the future best player of this tournament.

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In an organized group. Everyone under the same black and white coat. But the photographer was not mistaken. It is Paolo Rossi his subject . Even though he has not yet been voted best player of the 1982 World Cup. We still have to wait a few months for that. Here, May 1982 , Paolo Rossi and his Juve teammates welcome Napoli for the championship title on behalf of the 29th day of Serie A, at the Stadio Comunale Vittorio Pozzo . At the end, a good old 0-0 draw . We will therefore have to wait until the 30th and final day to decide between them and Fio, with an away victory at Catanzaro, and thus win the first of Paolo Rossi's two Scudettos.

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What if we had to gain height to finally enjoy stabilized terrain ? You know the ones that grate your knees and thighs when you play on them and you have the misfortune of falling or attempting - unfortunately - a tackle. Because we must admit that this view of the sky from this football field located in Germany , in the city of Herne, in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia , makes you want to see it. Even she looks like she's playing on those famous Tie & Dye t-shirts. In truth, it would simply be a jet of water from the stadium goalkeeper to water the ground and dry it out. Amazing.

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The information hidden in the properties of photographs is sometimes full of surprises. Like this photo of the Highbury stadium, dating from September 20, 1951 and the tour of England by the Israeli club Hapoel Tel Aviv . The data hidden in the photograph tells us that "lighting was provided by eighty-four 1500 watt lamps ". And otherwise ? That this friendly match was won by the Gunners with a score of 6 goals to 1 . The contrast between the black at the edges and the white of the spotlight is in any case striking. This is why you voted for this photo on the social networks of our Boutique So Collection Instagram account.

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Collector's magazines

No black and white shots here, just a magazine . After the resounding success on newsstands of issue 200 of So Foot dedicated to the biggest football club in the world, "Real Madrid, the secrets of the white house" , we decided to celebrate it again with a completely white limited edition. This collector's edition of 196 pages is printed in only 100 copies.

It includes an exclusive selection of articles from SO FOOT and on the big names of Real Madrid, such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Raúl, Di Stéfano and Cristiano Ronaldo. You will also find in-depth portraits, interviews, reports, surveys, top stories, as well as reminders of the most significant moments in the club's history. Everything is beautifully illustrated with rare photos and original illustrations, created especially for this limited edition.

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The T-shirt

We end this newsletter with a little treat! A candy named Dennis. Last name: Bergkamp. Never featured on our boutique yet, he joins the long list of footballers to have the right to their tribute t-shirts on our shelves. Take a seat alongside Ronaldo and Yazid the “Non Flying Dutchman”!

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