The So Foot Newsletter for January 2024


So these end of year celebrations? How did they go? Have you been spoiled? Did the gift(s) from our store please the person to whom you gave it? We hope so from the bottom of our hearts. Really. This is the objective behind our store: to please. And this is also the reason why your feedback and comments are so important to us. To improve. This is why we launched a page on the review platform open to all : TrustPilot.

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This little novelty of the new year does not mean that we have changed the rest of this winning team. Every month, as since our launch in December 2019, we will offer you four or five new football photos (plus a few rugby, tennis and cycling photographs from the releases of our Tampon!, PĂ©dale & 40-A magazines). And this month of January 2024 is no exception to the rule.

Same for the first photo, it's always you who choose it, by voting on our Instagram @boutiquesocollection . This month, you opted for a multi-award winning shot by  numerous international photography awards of children Indians playing in a rice field in West Bengal during the monsoon period.

For the rest, the editorial journalists agreed on Zinedine Zidane (yes again!) in weightlessness with the ball from the France-Italy 98 match , by Michel Platini (yes again!) kissing the first trophy of the French team: the Henri Delaunay Cup 1984 and Edinson Cavani celebrating his goal against Toulouse in Ligue 1 in front of the Parc des Princes.

We don't change anything about good habits, all these beautiful photos are available in very limited edition since January 1st at midnight .

And that's not all, since we welcome a new football t-shirt from Just Fontaine , as well as a myriad of vintage jersey boxes + So Foot books. Or socks + So Foot magazines. To do this, you have to look at the very bottom.

Photos :
Weightless / As long as the seconds are hours / In weightlessness / As long as we are the only ones in front of... this setting of all splendor. This would mean that you are one of 63 happy owners of this little marvel photography of our Zizou national , carried out on the occasion of quarter-final of the 1998 World Cup between France and Italy in Saint-Denis (0-0; 4 tab 3). Because there is everything in this shot. The grace, the sense of detail, the composition of the body, the movement... In short, you understand, we fell in love with it.

“ The exuberance of young people playing is contagious, intensified by water splashes (...) The joy of a scene like this is universal , fueled by nostalgia for our own childhood or by the memory of seeing our children completely absorbed in the excitement of a game. The action is cleverly framed by the inner tube (...) and is given an additional abstract dimension with the reflections on the surface of the water. Photography is also a game. " These are the words of the jury of The Independent Photographer , to justify the second place in their competition for this photograph of Indian children playing football in the rice fields of West Bengal by Sujan Sarkar. Enough to convince you to give in?

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Michel Platini , forever the first. To have lifted (and had raised) a trophy for the French team. In this case, the Henri Delaunay Cup offered to the winner of the European Football Championship. It was June 27, 1984, against Spain (2-0), at the Parc des Princes. We can never thank Luis Arconada enough  for his valuable help.

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Safet Susic, Raï, David Ginola, Ronaldinho, Pedro Miguel Pauleta, Di Maria... The list of attackers (or offensive players) of Paris SG to have the right to a photo of our store was already significant. But Edinson 'El Matador' Cavani , the first player from the capital club to have reached the 200-goal mark (before being overtaken in 2023 by the inevitable Kylian), was missing . The editorial journalists chose this one for its composition with the Paris banner in the background, and the superposition of the Uruguayan's profile on the blue and red tifo . And then we guess the cry of joy prolonged by this raised clenched fist, where we also read the rage to score the only goal of this meeting between PSG and Toulouse (1-0) on a superb mini-sombrero sequence + resumption of stolen.

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The T-shirt :

After the 70s and Dominique Rocheteau's yellow t-shirt , we go back in time even further. 1958 to be exact and the World Cup in Sweden. The one where France finished on the third podium. The one where the top scorer is Just Fontaine with his 13 goals. A record that still stands , almost 66 years later. It was well worth a shoot. And a t-shirt in reference to the famous line from Le Dßner de cons. Is not it ?

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The jersey boxes:

In our last newsletter, we announced the resumption of our jersey + book sets with the Copa brand, a Dutch specialist in retro replica jerseys. We present five of them to you ( France 58 , Netherlands 83 , Atletico 85 , Algeria 82 and Roma 98 ). Here are five others (among the 20 we offer) . Hoping you like them, knowing that we only have 5 or 6 per model. Or even less.


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Sock boxes:

We didn't just add Copa jerseys. We have also imagined new boxes with their beautiful socks in the colors of the national teams , but also the clubs of Maradona's life (Naples + Boca Juniors).

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Or goalkeeper outfits from the 90s.

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