The store newsletter: November 2021

Fog in November, winter will be tender

For this month of November, we decided to pull out all the stops . We forget this third international break (we can't take it anymore) and we take the opportunity to clear our minds. And what could be better than a small selection of four new limited edition prints?

This month, the short-list is very appetizing with Wayne Rooney's legendary goal against City , a nice shot of Zinédine during his Juventus period , a little marvel of a photo of the Parc des Princes and... the save of Dudek against Shevchenko during the legendary and stunning 2005 Champions League final.

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We start this selection with a legendary action. Who has never dreamed of performing an acrobatic flip in a derby and giving victory to their team? Huh who? Wayne Rooney is probably one of them. The difference is that he did it. It was Saturday February 12, 2011 against rival Mancunian in an important match for the race for the championship title (which MU would ultimately win, 9 points ahead of its rival). A fantastic bicycle which comes to lodge itself in the little net of a stunned Joe Hart . Wayne Rooney can exult and forget a year made up mainly of injuries. He has just left his mark on the history of the derby and the retinas of millions of fans.

For this shot, we leave the field to move just to the edge, to the entrance to the tunnel , where so much happens when you are a top footballer. It can be the scene of hugs between former teammates, moments of tension between opponents, discussions between coaches as well. Not in this photo. Here we see Zidane, Juve jersey on his back, 1998-1999 season , walking alone towards the locker room. A moment that is ultimately quite rare since it is unusual for a player to return to the locker room alone. Except in the event of a replacement, a red card or a somewhat long on-field interview. The photo does not reveal this secret but its aesthetic makes it unique. A bit like the player that Zizou ultimately was.

Return to France, to Paris, on the edge of the ring road . Or rather above, on the Porte de St-Cloud bridge, facing the Parc des Princes . Mythical stadium, which for a long time hosted the matches of the French team before the SDF saw the light of day, and was therefore the scene of numerous exploits (and also disillusionments) of the national team (football and rugby ) and Paris Saint-Germain. The Park stands out and leaves a lasting impression with its unique acoustics and architecture. This shot brings together everything that the Park is: a splendid stadium bordered by an immense boulevard and all the life that goes on around it.

We end this beautiful November selection with a photo of a legendary match. This match is the craziest final in the history of the most prestigious club competition, the Champions League. You will probably have understood, we are talking here about the crazy night in Istanbul, of May 25, 2005, and this totally crazy turnaround between AC Milan and Liverpool (3-3, 2 tab 3) . Already at the time, the Reds knew how to do a fantastic comeback and it is in this photo that everything is at stake. Andriy Shevchenko, reigning Golden Ball, faces Jerzy Dudek, a rather modest goalkeeper for this decisive duel. An unbalanced duel on paper but in this crazy final, Dudek will manage to stop the shot on goal and offer this Champions League to Liverpool, something totally unthinkable at the end of the first period while his team are trailing 3 goals to nothing . You can even see some Liverpool players starting to get agitated in the background because they have just understood. They are on the roof of Europe, nothing more, nothing less.

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