The store's Newsletter: March 2022

In March, rain and crazy wind, hang on to our draws

The month of March ! While for most, this time of year represents showers , for the rest of us, it means so much more. Indeed, it is the start of the matches that counts . And often, these moments are marked with the imprint of a man , a different player , who shines during these meetings where everyone is watching him. It is for this reason that for this new collection of prints , we offer you the greatest, capable of shining in everyone's eyes: Diego Armando Maradona, Johan Cruyff and Roberto Baggio .

But because these exceptional players would be very little without loyal supporters , here is a photo of one of the first groups of Liverpool supporters going to the 1950 FA Cup final against Arsenal.

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Classic media day with journalists? Except with the Pibe de Oro , because it immediately gives a luminous shot . And yes, even in this exercise, which was far from being his favorite, Diego Maradona remained above the others. We are in 1982 , in full preparation for the World Cup which will take place in Spain . The first for Diego after his country's coronation at home in 1978 . The pressure is therefore already great for the Albiceleste and for the new number 10 who must succeed Mario Kempes . His left foot will be all the more observed as he will play in the country of his future club: FC Barcelona . All this context explains this mountain of journalists and microphones around him , and his smile which allows for a rare photo.

So much charisma in this photo! Here too, we offer you an imposing photo with the immense Johan Cruyff. Who, like this cliché, has always been ahead of the others. And he will demonstrate it once again during this 1974 World Cup in West Germany . For this opening match against Uruguay , it is Mickey 3D's favorite player, Johnny Rep , who is responsible for crucifying the South American team with a double . But subsequently, it was total football , Johan Neeskens , the influence of Ajax on the Dutch game , and a great Cruyff that allowed the Netherlands to reach the final against the host country . And despite the defeat, the world still remembers this Dutch team as one of the most memorable of the last century.

But how could fate do this to a player as elegant as Il Divin Codino ? Even today, we can wonder what mark Roberto Baggio would have left if he had been able to offer this world title to Italy . After a sluggish first round of the Squadra Azzura where she passed as the best third, Sacchi did not let go of her number 10 and it ended up paying off from the round of 16 onwards . Against Nigeria, Baggio woke up to equalize in the 88th minute and qualified from the penalty spot in extra time. Against Spain in the quarter , it also played out at the end of the match and it was once again Baggio the hero, who dribbled past Zubizaretta to score . In the half , a new double against Bulgaria from Stoickhov allows the Italians to have a dream final against Brazil. Unfortunately, at the end of a not very exciting match, the decision will be made on this missed shot on goal . But no matter, Baggio, his style, his technique, remains and will remain in people's minds much more than a penalty, an artist.

How better to end this new collection than with this photo? It represents passion, no matter who we are, where we come from and especially the weather. Here is the first group of Liverpool supporters facing this climate so specific to the English to go to Wembley Stadium for the final of the oldest competition in the world, the FA Cup. For this 1950 poster against Arsenal , the support of the supporters did not make the difference since Arsenal won 2-0 with a double from Reg Lewis . A scenario that would make Gunners supporters who followed the path dream…

The mugs

In addition to these beautiful photos, we offer you 8 Pedal mugs! to celebrate these first days of 2022 when it is finally pleasant to be a cyclist. With legendary cycling quotes, taken from legendary Pédale interviews! We start with Claudio Chiappucci who sees cyclists as a man in the street.

We thank Fignon for his memorable analyzes of the Tour de France. Especially this one which seems obvious but you never know...

There is also Guimard 's advice for finishing the last kilometer. Sorry moms...

Here is a quote from Luc Leblanc . A man very aware of his qualities. You too, be like Luc.

For Patrick Lefévère, Koh-Lanta to test its limits is bogus. The bike on the other hand...

Impossible to cheat on a bike according to the greatest: Eddy Merckx, of course.

Christophe Moreau reminds us that he is a child of cycling from the 90s-2000s.

And finally Virenque who almost quotes our national Johnny to remind us of his humility.
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