The store's Newsletter: June 2020

In June, we're deconfining our collection!

Exclusively, one day before everyone else, and just for you, here is not only the June collection of So Foot photo prints with five new football photos ... but also a whole new range of limited edition premium products! Presentation.


Before showing them to you, we have something important to tell you : many expense items for us have changed in recent months, so we have had to change the prices. Each photo is now €52 instead of €44... except for you : as between us, it's a story that has been going on since the beginning, we are offering you a special "family" promo - which will be valid (for the moment , it depends on you!) until August 31, 2020 - -15% reduction on all photos with the code SOSOLAFAMILLE (to be entered at the time of payment).

Without further ado, here is what awaits you this month :

And to start, a penalty. Direction La Beaujoire with… Michel Platini : a hat-trick and a conversion from 11m with a tight shot from mid-height and in the middle during the 1984 European Championship won by the men of the late Michel “the magnificent” Hidalgo. 5-0 for France against Belgium and an equally magnificent snapshot.

Then head to the South-West with two legendary photos. Already in Bordeaux , with another member of the magic square: Alain Giresse slaloming among the Italians of Juventus during the semi-final return of the 1985 European Champion Clubs' Cup at Parc Lescure. Beaten 3 goals to 0 in the first leg, they took their revenge at home 2-0. Insufficient but legendary.
Then in Toulouse , with a year later, in 1986, the first round return of the UEFA Cup against Naples! Philippe Bergeroo, Alberto Tarantini and Beto Marcico challenge and overthrow - after their 1-0 defeat in the first leg - Maradona's Naples at the Stadium (1-0, 4 tab 3). Incandescent!
Finally, two legendary photos of the French team from the 2000s .
The first is the joy of David Trezeguet , twenty years after his golden goal against Italy in the final of Euro 2000. July 2, 2000 at the Feyenoord Stadion. Imperishable memory.

The second is the friendly and respectful “head to head” of Zidane and Ronaldo during the presentation of the teams of the legendary Brazil-France quarter-final of the 2006 World Cup in Frankfurt. Only love...
And from now on, you will also find the few last copies still available from last months' collections still in stock on the 31st, including the legendary Jay-Jay Okocha – Oliver Kahn duel.
The textile

Big news from June 1, 2020: a collection of ultra premium t-shirts (between 180g and 220g depending on the model, American class), all labeled “So Foot Collection” on the collar and tagged at the bottom. Each copy is limited to 99 copies, a number which appears on the collar and on the collaboration label, for even more authenticity!

Several collections are available:
  • The “Covers” collection , where 3 legendary front pages of So Foot (“Is football right or left?”, “Special Edition 100% Ronaldinho” and “Remember the summer of 1998”), for the first time in limited edition on ultra premium textile (220g cotton, you won't find better!).

  • The “Tour” collection, which takes up the European campaigns of French clubs like a world tour of major music groups! We start with the European campaign “Forever the first!” » of Olympique de Marseille 92/93, and not to make anyone jealous, the 95/95 season of Paris-Saint-Germain!
  • The “Gallery” collection , where 3 exclusive photos (Michel Platini, George Best on the meadow and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his prime, the best) of the Icon Sport super base complete the range. An ideal collection for Father's Day (we're not taking too many risks) and Mother's Day (we're not so sure of ourselves...)
  • Finally, a surprise: a “Carré Magique” t-shirt (Alain, Jean, Luis Michel, of course) comes to celebrate the greatest accomplishment on Michel Hidalgo’s meadow. Go for it!
Another new feature : tote bags (100% organic, big up Greta, etc.), all in limited edition, complete the collection. You will find well-known visuals from the June 2020 collection.
All textile shipments arrive with a packaging box and its So Foot Collection sticker, a 100% biodegradable pouch and a So Foot gift!

Vintage collector’s boxes

Very limited edition (10 to 20 copies, depending on the model) of vintage jerseys sold with quite unique collector's gifts:
  • The boxes with the Platini jersey from the Juve years (10 copies) or the Maradona Argentina 86 jersey (10 copies), accompanied by the very (really) last copies of the legendary double collector's box set of the first two beautiful So Foot books: the blue (Football and counterculture) and yellow (80s).
  • the box set with the jersey of another legend, Johann Cruijff (only 14 copies, obviously), this time with the XXL version of the beautiful book So Foot 70's (Total Football, Napalm and square posts, 196 pages of pure joy!)
  • the Algeria 1982 box set with the jersey (a nugget, 11 copies), offered with a So Foot collector's issue published in September 2019 and dedicated to the madness of "One, two, Three" and victory during the CAN!
  • finally, a gift to give to all PSG supporters who arrived after the arrival of Javier Pastore: the PSG 1981 box set which includes the historic Hechter jersey accompanied by a real surprise bag found in the attics, made up of 2 authentic match tickets collector's item (home and away) of PSG in the 2000s, as well as an A4 photo paper shot of the Parc des Princes in turmoil , smoke bombs included.
Hoping that you like all this, our first customers and supporters!

All these prints will be available in the SO Boutique
from June 1 at 00:01.

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