The store's Newsletter: August 2021

The August collection, sun and velvet paste!

When the clock strikes midnight, the So Foot selection for the month of August will see the light of day and the luckiest among you, the holidays. While you are walking, going to work, or sitting in an armchair, take the time to reread a few stories, to delight yourself with memories or anecdotes, which speak with passion of a culture, of their time , of destinies, of sun, of enthusiasm and of crowds. So just for you, here is our new collection of very limited edition prints. Composed of four exclusive and original football photos. Just that, you can find it now .


From the start, we take you on a journey to South America, and more precisely to the victorious nation of the last Copa. If this time it is not Messi that we have highlighted, it is a legendary number 9, a blond mane, a simple man but also the second top scorer in the history of the selection, a man faithful to his Viola who only listens to her heart: Batistuta. Here he celebrates his equalizing goal (1-1), from a penalty, against Romania, in the round of 16 of the World Cup. Unfortunately it was not enough and Argentina was surprised by a resilient Romania who won the match 3-2.

Brasil. 2002. A World Cup. A trio: Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho. A slap in the face to Belgium in the eighth. A crazy inspiration from Ronaldinho to give another slap, this time to the English, in the quarter. And then Tunisia in the half before holding on and overthrowing Germany in the final. 2-0, Brazil are world champions. In short, football, which we love and a simply legendary trio. This is what this photo says, and it gives me chills. And then as luck would have it, this World Cup was played in Korea and... Japan. Oh, they’re good at So Foot anyway…

Let's stay in Brazil, enjoy the sun, and talk about passion. And in particular the one which is concentrated in a legendary stadium, the one which makes the heart of Rio and an entire country beat, yours and the history of fùtbol : The Maracaña . Nicknamed El templo de futebol , the legendary Maracaña stadium here welcomes the turn of the supporters of Flamengo, one of the two legendary clubs of the city of Rio, the other being of course Fluminense. The two clubs therefore play their derbies in the same stadium, and the corners face each other at the same time as the players. This derby also holds the absolute attendance record for a club match , with 194,000 spectators on December 15, 1963 . “The living came out of their homes and the dead from their graves to witness the greatest Fla-Flu of all time,” playwright Nelson Rodrigues recounted at the time.

To conclude this summer selection, we have chosen to put, in the framework it deserves, the memory of a drink... “YES, VASY MY LITTLE, AND HE PUT IT IN, AND HE PUT IT IN, THE FIRST GOAL OF RIBÉRY, IN THE FRANCE TEAM”.

July 26, 2006 . Here we are. A legendary first goal, in the quarter-final, against Spain, Ribéry decides that he must make history. Starting alone, in the fortieth minute, he dribbled past Casillas with ease and scored the equalizer. Launched, he sprints like no other, towards the bench, flying. The emotion, the joy and the cries. But we decided to retain another image, that of the transmission of the calm before the storm, while there is still a half to play, this moment of complicity between good old Zizou and the one who must, then, be the next generation, our legendary and unique Franck Ribéry.

All these football prints will be available on from August 1st at midnight.

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