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After this very eventful World Cup, return to the routine of Ligue 1 and the European championships? Nay! There is a new year to celebrate with the Women's World Cup (July 20-August 20) and the Rugby World Cup (September 8-October 28) in our sights. But before that, let's enjoy this transition to the new year by remembering some great football legends.

In our first selection of 2023, holder at the forefront on our match sheet, an emblematic photograph of George Best . Alongside him is another of pre-Qatari PSG legend Pedro Miguel Pauleta . The two are well supported just behind by a superb grass pitch seen from the sky and a draw between shadow and light taken during a preliminary round of the Champions League in Latvia . An entire program.



A rivalry, two rows of stands, a sloping lawn and a footballer with long hair . The one we called the fifth Beatles, George Best , a Northern Irish footballer who became an icon well beyond Manchester, takes a free kick here that we can guess is a cross. The year is 1970 and that day the Reds Devils face their best enemy City in the second leg of Division League One . This March 28, there was no victory (a 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford) but a beautiful shot for eternity .

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Another legend, but more discreet: Pedro Miguel Pauleta , aka “The Eagle of the Azores”. Star of pre-Qatari PSG, the Portuguese has saved his team on numerous occasions. Notably during this 2004 match against Fabien Barthez's Olympique de Marseille . Paris plays 10 against 11 following the expulsion of Sylvain Armand in the 20th minute . Twelve minutes later , the man who “felt obliged to score” to thank the public for all their support over the years performed a simple but genius technical gesture. He fixes his defender, shifts and instantly strikes with a curler towards the small opposite net. Barthez is masked and deceived. 1 goal to 0. This deserved a crazy celebration for the Park.

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Welcome… to the heart of football. The famous green rectangle. Our mission: to offer you the best football photographic prints. So why not go back to basics and offer you the very essence of this sport? Namely a beautiful, lush grass field with well-defined white lines taken from above by drone. Where are we ? The photography doesn't even say it, but whatever, this field wonderfully symbolizes the universality and beauty of this sport.

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In photography, it is often not recommended to have the light source, usually the sun, facing the camera . But when the photographer masters the effect of backlighting, it can result in magnificent photos. This is the case here. Taken during a qualifying match for the Champions League between Riga and Malmö on July 13, 2021, the photograph highlights Roberts Ozols, the Latvian goalkeeper, in full relaxation in front of this sunset in the background . It's no coincidence that he gathered a majority of votes during the vote in So Foot's Instagram story and the store's account.

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Finally, we could not miss the sad news at the end of 2022: the disappearance of King Pelé following a long illness. The Brazilian striker, who became immortal after his three World Cup victories, deserved his tribute . Here it is in 10 (obviously) photographs of the store , each more iconic than the last. And we hope he lives up to his legacy in football.

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