GOTS certified T-shirts for a preserved planet: the eco-responsible approach of Boutique So

In 2024, if there is a fight to be fought, it is that of ecology and the protection of our planet. This is why we place at, in line with our So Press group, respect for the environment at the top of the hierarchy of values ​​that we wish to defend. In practice, this involves the use of 180 gram organic cotton and environmentally friendly synthetic fibers for our t-shirts and sweatshirts. Beyond the materials, we work with a textile printing service provider - Seiche Impression - aligned with our environmental values, even if it means having a much higher production cost for each t-shirt.

GOTS certified, chemical-free, recycled cotton from Stanley / Stella

It is with this in mind that our service provider Seiche Impression sources its textiles from the Stanley / Stella brand, which favors organic or recycled materials that take care of the skin and the environment. They benefit from the strictest environmental certifications and labels on the market across their entire production chain. All their factories are GOTS certified and all audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, of which Stanley/Stella is a recognized member.

Additionally, Stanley/Stella never uses conventional cotton. Most of their clothing is made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a natural, GMO-free fiber that uses much less water than conventional cotton. And above all, its production does not use chemicals (neither fertilizers nor pesticides) and promotes crop rotation to keep soils healthier, more fertile and moister. As for waste from cotton ginning, it is recycled for the animal food industry.

GOTS certification: 4 letters that change everything

GOTS is the short name for the Global Organic Textile Standard label. The strictest certification for organic fiber textiles. She tracks the entire production chain from the cotton fields: from the harvest, to the manufacturing of the fibers, the assembly of the parts, the final product before printing, and even the export of our clothes! It certifies that Stanley/Stella cotton is grown without GMOs, without chemicals and that it is processed and dyed without prohibited toxic substances. In addition, GOTS ensures compliance with the social standards of the World Labor Organization throughout the production chain.

Short circuit production in Île-de-France!

As you will have understood, our service provider Seiche Impression was not chosen by chance. He, like us, cares about this ecological aspect and works closely with the Textile Exchange association, association is an international non-profit organization which works closely with its members to encourage the transformation of the industry through adoption of preferred fibers, integrity, standards and responsible supply networks.

In addition, the Seiche Impression workshop is located in Paris, like the So Press editorial office and the So Boutique premises. All our orders are therefore printed in Paris and are made to order. There is no stock, therefore no waste: the ecological footprint is practically zero. As soon as the t-shirt is created, it is immediately sent to our customers and worn.

ECO PASSPORT certified ink

The ink used by our service provider is UltraChrome DG ink from Epson, an ink which has received ECO PASSPORT certification from Okeo-Tex. This non-profit association's mission is to develop internationally the PEP ecopassport® eco-declaration program, covering electrical, electronic and climate engineering equipment.

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