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Welcome to the online store of SO PRESS , the renowned publisher behind the magazines SO FOOT , SO FOOT Club, SO FILM , L'Etiquette, Society , Tsugi, Pédale!, 40-A, Tampon! and many others. Discover here our exclusive selection of sports merchandise and souvenirs that will delight sports enthusiasts and fans of our publications. All these collections are available and can be ordered online.

A varied range for sports enthusiasts

At So Press, sport has always been a pretext to talk about society. But behind it, it’s first and foremost a passion. For our store, we have therefore carefully selected a multitude of products associated with the themes of football , rugby , tennis and cycling . Whether you are a fan of international football, passionate about French rugby, or even a fan of the feeling of freedom that cycling offers, you will find articles here that will excite you.

Sports photo prints to immortalize the highlights

Among our treasures, discover our sports photo prints. These striking images capture the intensity of highlights from football, rugby, tennis and cycling. Hang them in your living room, office or bedroom to relive these memorable moments.

Personalized football, rugby, tennis, cycling t-shirts with iconic players

For fans of football, tennis, rugby or cycling, our online store offers a range of personalized t-shirts featuring iconic champions and legendary players. Proudly wear your idol's photo and support your favorite team in style.

Jersey collections for vintage football fans

Old-fashioned football lovers are not left out. Also discover our swimsuit boxes designed for you. With replicas of PSG from the 70s, Maradona's Napoli or Argentina. Our tunics are carefully designed to embrace your passion for old-fashioned football and guarantee a certain style every day.

Order online and treat yourself!

Treat yourself or find the perfect gift for the sports fans in your life by browsing our online store. Thanks to the simplicity of our interface, you can order in just a few clicks and receive your products directly to your home.


At So Press, we share a passion for sport and the culture that surrounds it. This is why we are delighted to offer you this online sports product store. Explore our exclusive selection of sports products, photo prints and iconic clothing, and let yourself be inspired by the passion that drives our team.

Discover our online store now, these sports photo prints and make every day a match evening and sporting celebration.

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