Environmentally conscious prints: the eco-responsible story of the So boutique

Our environmental commitment does not stop only at our t-shirts and their 100% organic cotton . We have also taken steps to choose our printing provider for the beautiful photos we offer you. This is why we chose the Sprint group and its Demaille branch, located at the entrance to Paris on the Alfortville quays. Their expertise as the leading French printing group is not negligible. But it was important for us that there was this ecological dimension in our offer, and for this, they are amply qualified!

Their commitment to industrial printing management and waste traceability is ongoing. And is materialized by well-defined procedures. Thus, all their sites meet the requirements of the Imprim'Vert specifications:

- the recovery and proper disposal of hazardous waste,

- securing storage of dangerous liquids,

- the non-use of toxic products,

- monitoring energy consumption of the production site,

- environmental awareness among employees and our customers,

- and the exclusive use of papers from managed forests.

In addition, RIVATON IMPRIMERIE is a partner with EDF in a balance option contract: the equivalent of all the electricity consumption of the printing site is produced using natural resources. With rainwater recovery, use of calories generated by machines to heat or cool workshops, air conditioning of premises provided by a heat pump, etc.

Labeled France Quality Performance!

But that's not all ! They are also doubly CSR labeled via their ImpriFrance GOLD level group and Rexcelys (France Quality Performance label). Step by step towards excellence, Rexcelys supports them in the commitment and progressive deployment of a process of continuous quality improvement. The issuance of the label attests to the overall performance of our organization.

An ink that doesn't stain:

To show you that everything is well thought out and done with respect for the environment, the ink used for their printing is also doubly labeled.

They use vegetable offset inks without mineral oils (hydrocarbons), which are environmentally friendly and part of their sustainable development strategy.

In fact, these are made up of renewable raw materials instead of fossil materials. These inks are made up of around 80% renewable raw materials (soy, rapeseed, flax).

De facto, they exclude any heavy metal in their formulation. Furthermore, apart from their environmental protection benefits, these vegetable inks offer extremely favorable offset printing characteristics.

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