“England” collector’s box
“England” collector’s box
“England” collector’s box

“England” collector’s box

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Edition limitée à 4 exemplaires

The So Foot team has designed an “England” collector’s box including:

    • 1 copy of the So Foot “Tactical” Book released in May 2021
    • 1 pair of So Foot collector socks (in collaboration with Copa) special for Belgium

Is another football possible? Did France really play nothing in 2018? Is the Swiss lock a myth or a reality? What is football IQ? How does population density in the Netherlands relate to total football?
Can we play on a Christmas tree in the middle of summer? Is the Special One, deep down, a man like the others? What is the relationship between the Royal Air Force and Scandinavian football? Who killed the Italian catenaccio? Is offense really the best defense? Do great players make great coaches?
What is a tactical move? What is tiki-taka named after? Why is the most cult coach in the world a man who carries his cooler everywhere?

So many questions for a football fan. All the questions are answered in this book on the main principles of football.

Edition: Marabout
Year: 2021
Size: 34 x 24cm
Pages: 192
Weight: 1.7kg

Livraison en 3-4 jours ouvrables avec numéro de suivi par La Poste - France, Outre-Mer, UE et quelques pays à l'international uniquement

Chaque commande comprend un livre So Foot Tactique et une paire de chaussettes insérées dans une grande pochette résistante matelassée de bulles protectrices.



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Description :

  • 85% coton peigné italien, 12% nylon, 3% lycra 
  • 100% football 
  • Mi-mollet traditionnel 
  • Fabriqué en Europe 
  • Lavage en machine