The So Foot Newsletter for October 2023


That's it, the start of the school year has passed, everyone has found their colleagues they love, but also those they like less... Is routine settling in? We're here to break it with our new collection of limited edition football photos . And we hope that this one will not leave any of you indifferent.

Our first photograph, like every month, you chose it! Indeed, this moment of ecstasy between the French players after the second goal of our hero Zinédine Zidane during the 1998 World Cup final against Ronaldo's Brazil, is the fruit of your votes on our Instagram @boutiquesocollection.

For the rest, these are our own nuggets, the choice of the editorial journalists. Among which you can admire the glance of Johan Cruyff in Barcelona , ​​the fervor of Giuseppe Meazza through a pose of Youri Djorkaeff in front of a screen of smoke bombs and finally a photo of the starting eleven of Paris Saint-Germain during the final of the 1996 European Cup Winners' Cup .

Obviously, nothing changes. These photos are still limited in number, so hurry up and order them. Packed up ? Are you still asking for more to judge? That's good, given the Rugby World Cup , we've unearthed five new photos linked to the oval. And for textile lovers, we have released a new t-shirt paying tribute to the first African Ballon d'Or: Mister George Weah!


No need to introduce Johan Cruyff, idol of the 70s . Before being the reference and mentor of Pep Guardiola (and many current coaches), the Dutchman was a coach, of course, but above all a player. First at Ajax Amsterdam where the striker symbolized total football and won two Ballon d'Ors in 1971 and 1973, then to FC Barcelona, ​​who, upon his arrival in 1973-1974, won his first Liga after 25 years of drought. It was well worth a new Ballon d’Or in 74 and a photograph highlighting his vision of the game during the match between Barça and Athletic Bilbao, a certain February 1, 1976 , won 2 to 1 by his team.


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After only five years under the Canal + era, the objective was finally achieved for Paris SG in 1996 : bringing a European Cup back to the Parc des Princes . The disillusionment of the C1 semi-final lost against AC Milan the previous year weighed on us, that's for sure. Especially when we see that 6 Parisian players on the starting eleven were already on the match sheet 1 year before: Bernard Lama, Alain Roche, Paul Le Guen, Vincent Guérin, Daniel Bravo & Raï. The rest ? Bruno Ngotty , the future scorer, Laurent Fournier, Patrick Colleter, Youri Djorkaeff and Patrice Loko . Tribute through this photo to those who will forever be... first (if you are a Parisian supporter)/seconds (if you are from Marseille)!

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Amazed or dismayed? In this photo, Youri Djorkaeff blocks the smoke generated by sending smoke bombs on Giuseppe Meazza's lawn by the Milanese supporters' stand. The reason ? The 3rd interist goal synonymous with a 3-0 defeat in the Milan derby of April 13, 1997 . The pitch catching fire, the match was stopped when the photographer took this superb shot. The Snake is no stranger to the situation since he opened the scoring for his team in the 32nd minute. On arrival, however, the Milan players reduced the score thanks to Roberto Baggio (3-1) in the 88th minute.

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The story is known in every detail but no matter, we love remembering it so much. If we had to remember only one moment of French sport, many would say this one. And we understand them. The day France rose to the top the roof of the world by beating the great Brazil of Ronaldo 3 to 0 in the final of the Football World Cup . If we already had many photographs of this match on the shelves , we were missing a moment of communion. Here, the Blues celebrate Zinédine's second header Zidane (2-0) in the 45th minute , and the osmosis can be read in almost every pixel . Djorkaeff embraces him, Deschamps prepares to kiss him and Karembeu & Leboeuf even kneel in front of the idol. A moment of pure communion, which perfectly sums up the improbable journey of this 1998 France team.

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The T-shirt

New this month, we also submitted the new t-shirt for your approval via an Instagram vote. And between two visuals, this is the one you chose to highlight the immense “ MISTER GEORGE » Weah in the jersey of Paris SG in 1992. Coincidence, or not, the current president of Liberia was born on October 1st…

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The Tampon collection! expands

How could we leave you without new souvenir photos during this World Cup period? So here it is for you, still in a limited edition of 15 copies per size , 5 photographs telling a small piece of the great history of rugby.

And we attack hard with Dan Carter . The New Zealand maestro shone during the historic semi-final between New Zealand and South Africa (20-18) in 2015 , marking his team's two conversions, a penalty, and above all a crucial drop which allowed -on arrival- to the All Blacks to qualify for the final, to win it and therefore to be the only defending champion nation to retain the Webb Ellis Trophy .

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From the 1999 World Cup , everyone rightly remembers the historic semi-final of the French XV against the All Blacks. Minus the cruel defeat against Australia in the final (35-12) . A match where the Wallabies defended impeccably well , without mistakes, not missing a tackle, like that of their legendary scrum half Gregan on French winger Christophe Dominici . A shot where the bitter-tasting memory gives way to rugby aesthetics and the choreography of three intertwined players.

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Well, we gave in, we'll still add a photo in... black and white . This is an English university rugby match played in the 1960s at Wembley , under a beautiful sun , in a full stadium , with recognizable architecture among a thousand with these famous Twin Towers , built in 1923, protruding from the roof. The whole thing gives a composition like no other , with the tackle in the foreground, the rest of the players in the second, the stand in the third and the towers in the last.

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A great class photo, right? In any case, this French team from the 1991 Rugby World Cup was a dream come true. With some legends like Serge Blanco and Eric Champ who want to leave on a great last note and young people who want to make a place for themselves like Fabien Galthié or Abdelatif Benazzi . In groups , she obtained 3 easy victories in 3 matches . France vs Romania: 30 to 3. France vs Fiji: 33 to 9. And finally, this is the subject of the photograph below, against Canada: 19-13 . But this French XV will not resist the English ogre in the quarter-finals, who knows he is inferior and will spend the game trying to injure the French leader Blanco and force his teammates out of the match (10-18). A f***ing disgrace.

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Him again, you will tell us, yes, but what a rugby player! “Domi” left his mark on the French team, and no one will forget him, both for his blond mane and his twirling runs . In this VI Nations match in 2000 , French domination was outrageous (3-34). Like this overflow from Dominici on his right wing , which leaves his Welsh counterpart Richard Smith with his nose in the grass. Catch me if you can!

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