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Once the promotional moment is over, we can return to our subject: the November collection . For his comeback, the short-list is very nostalgic with the legendary Ole Gunnar Solskjær making his appearance in our beautiful collection. We also find an iconic photo of Ronaldinho in the Barça jersey, performing his famous surfer salute . We also find the brilliant Jean-Pierre Papin celebrating his title with OM , as well as legend Zinédine Zidane , in a rare choreographed celebration of his career. That of the puppet soldier after his goal against Spain at the 2006 World Cup.

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When you have a problem, the best solution is still to call a professional. May 26, 1999. Champions League final at Camp Nou, Manchester United against Bayern Munich. The Bavarians lead one to zero, we are in the 81st minute of play. Ole Gunnar Solskjær does what he has often done since his arrival in England three years earlier: replacing Andy Cole at the end of the match. The Norwegian never complained: “ I come from Kristiansund, and I played for Manchester United. Sometimes I sat on the bench next to David Beckham or Ryan Giggs. (...) So, who was I to show off, knowing that the decision not to start me came from the greatest manager in the world? " His function ? Gather the remaining crumbs to transform the whole thing into a feast. In the 91st minute, Teddy Sheringham equalized. 120 seconds later, Solskjær crashes from close range, with first intention. Manchester are European champions. The eternal childish face of the Norwegian is adorned with its most beautiful smile alongside his teammates Dwight Yorke, Ronny Johnsen and Jaap Stam. Bayern in the C1 final, this will remain the greatest victory in Fergie Time for its coach and the most beautiful victim of the Baby Face Killer in a hunting table where there are 125 other pawns with the Red Devils. Often scored off the bench, and at close range.

Left to stay... at Camp Nou for the rest of our collection. We find a hero already present on our store , but too little considering the emotions and good times he brought to football fans around the world. So, we take as much as possible! Here, in this pose of Ronaldinho on the evening of a C1 match, we read at the same time the quiet strength, the genius, the joy, the serenity, but also the ease of the one for whom it is easy. A bit like the surfers from whom he borrowed this gesture. We can also guess that at the end there is victory. After all, it's not given to everyone to win three titles in the same year...Liga 2006, Spanish Super Cup 2006 and Champions League...2006.

We continue this selection with another genius of this sport. Who doesn't have as much hair anymore. Jean-Pierre Papin will have marked his era with his view on the field. He is part of this category of players respected and appreciated by almost all football fans, regardless of the club they support. We find him here, on May 17, 1991, at the Vélodrome stadium, in the Marseille jersey, during a match against Auxerre in the First Division (1-0)! This photo says everything about the difficulty that OM went through to complete their “consecration” and obtain the title of champion of France for the third year in a row. Relief as much as joy emanates from this photo. And even if the Marseille collective was exceptional at the time, Raymond Goethals needed JPP to get through it.

In your opinion, how many photographs of Zinédine Zidane does the So Collection store already have? Three ? Four ? Five ? Hey no, ten of course. And here is the eleventh! It was you, the public, who voted for it via the vote in the story of the So Foot and Boutique So Collection account. This is ZZ's fourth at the 2006 World Cup, after the hug with Ribéry against Spain in the eighth , with Ronaldo in the quarter against Brazil and the panenka in the final against Buffon . Here, Yazid celebrates as he has rarely allowed himself during his career to score the 3-1 goal against Spain. In a gait that we have never seen before, he imitates a kind of puppet soldier walking with his arms folded along his chest with an overplayed smile, bordering on predatory, proud of the bad trick played on La Roja. It must be said that the Iberian press sent him into retirement before the match. It was well worth this yardstick.

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