The store's Newsletter: June 2021

June is a celebration, enjoy it!

That's it, life is returning to normal and the country is coming to life again, from the terraces to the Roland courts , from the sun which is slow to appear to the Euro which cannot be long before it . We took advantage of the upcoming European competition to make a selection of photos linked to our most beautiful memories . The worst, too, but we'll let you discover all that.

Furthermore, the biggest fans of So Press will not have missed the release of 40-A, the brand new beautiful annual magazine from So Press, devoted to tennis .

A crazy mag that the store has decided to accompany with a selection of the best photos of artists, ancient or modern, who practice this extraordinary sport . The selection was tough, the photos are sublime. So as usual, just for you and one day before the rest of the world, we are revealing our new collection of very limited edition prints . Composed of four exclusive and original football photos and eight tennis shots. Just that. To be found tonight at midnight zero one on .


We start with the So Foot special Euro selection, and we start strong with a shot of the one we no longer expected, and whose return makes us shiver with excitement: Karim Benzema . So while waiting to see how KB nueve will rewrite its history in blue, we have selected for you this shot of the French striker, in full jump , who celebrates the first and only goal of the Madrid derby (1-0) , for Real (of course), against Atlético Madrid in February 2020.

We stay in the Iberian Peninsula, but on the Portugal side and with our Blues this time. Direction Lisbon with the Zizou gang during Euro 2004 . For one of the greatest turnarounds in football history. Here is a shot seen from the corners of his first goal of the tournament, against England , on a delicious free kick in the 90+1 minute . About thirty meters from the goal, between power and control. France is picking up. And Zidane plants a penalty two minutes later. Final score: 2-1 . Exit the Rosbeefs (who will finish second in the group but exit all the same because it's nice to say it)!

He who loves well punishes well, says the adage, so if we love to hate them deep down, we love our British. And especially him, the eccentric and phenomenal Gazza. We made a t-shirt out of it but we couldn't look back on the Euro and miss this ultimate celebration (preceded by a daunting goal) by Paul Gascoigne during the Group A match against Scotland (0-2 ) . For the record, he reproduces a photo of himself during a drunken evening, which had leaked to the English tabloids…. The best response ever made on the ground.

And we end this So Foot selection with a more painful memory (for us) but which will please our/your Portuguese-speaking friends, fans of the magnificent Cristiano or even fans of French Lose. So we didn't find a satisfactory shot of CR7 on the bench during the Euro 2016 final or a zoom big enough to see the butterfly placed on his face when he collapsed injured, but we found this shot of Portuguese celebrating a goal by Cristiano . The goal in question? That of 2-2 synonymous with equalization for Portugal , during the last match of the group stage. The Magyars respond two minutes later so Cricri will have to pull out all the stops to get the 3-3 qualification. A turning match which symbolizes the journey of the Seleçao and its national hero.

The tennis collection

Do you like the So Foot photos? Let us introduce you to the selection of 40-A, our new magazine on the little yellow ball (which will be released once a year just before Roland). So to celebrate the release of our N°1, we present to you three of the eight photos in our selection. Find the rest on the store !

We start with John McEnroe's serve, with Borg on the other side of the court, in the final of the 1980 US Open . This shot is a marvel. Really.

Then we continue with a particularly famous photograph, that of Suzanne Lenglen, legendary player of the 1920s , in full extension during a 4th round at Wimbledon. If her outfit breathes history, the player has left her mark.

We finish this selection as we started it, with a party, excitement, a little dirt, sweat and orange. Yes, with the Brazilian Kuerten in the final of the 1997 Roland Garros tournament . The young unknown had started the tournament unseeded, beyond 50th place, had knocked down three seeds before concluding, on a cloud, in three sets in the final against the Spaniard Bruguera .

A dose of hope for the suspense of this tournament! To relive other highlights of Roland's history, do not hesitate to follow us directly on Instagram where we highlight as often as possible the beautiful photos from the immense collection of our partner : the photographic agency Icon Sports .
All these football prints (+ the Gazza t-shirt) will be available on from May 1st 00:01.

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