History of Boutique So

The Epic of Boutique.so: A Story of Passion and Limited Edition

In the dynamic world of online stores, Boutique.so stands out for its connection to the So Foot universe. Founded by Maxime Marchon, the store draws its inspiration from the concept of 11freunde, a reference in photo frames and sporting goods.

The adventure began at the end of 2019, when So Foot created an exceptional photo frame store. To realize this vision, a close collaboration with IconSport, our preferred photography agency, was initiated. This agreement was the catalyst for the birth of Boutique.so, a true e-commerce gem for all sports fans.

The process involved finding quality providers, including Sprint, our preferred partner for photo printing, and setting up the store on Shopify, a leading platform in the sector. Finally, in 2019, the team launched Boutique.so with an innovative idea: to offer each month a selection of four photos, renewed monthly, but with a unique approach. While the standard is to produce 300 copies of a photo, we have opted for a very limited edition of only eleven copies per size (small, medium, large).

The objective is clear: to offer a regularly renewed selection of four new photographs. The evolution happened gradually, and one month we released eight photos at once. When specialized sports magazines such as “Tampon!” for rugby, “40-A” for tennis, and “PEDALE!” for cycling emerged, the idea arose to add a few photos linked to these special editions.

Sources of inspiration come from the vast database of IconSport and their partners, comprising more than 50,000,000 photos, including never-before-seen archive photos, exclusive photoshoots, and images dating back over 100 years. Every month, the Boutique.so community is asked, via a vote, to choose their new photos.

The very limited edition concept has extended to t-shirts, tote bags, and even boxes including jerseys and books. Over time, the offering has diversified to include posters, posters and goodies like Bobs or gapettes. Recently, limited edition magazines have been introduced, sporting a special cover with increased relief.

Boutique.so stands out by exclusively offering limited edition items. T-shirts change color, and jersey packs provide customers with substantial savings. Currently, with more than 1000 references on our site, we continue to expand our range, initially focused on sport, to include products linked to So Press magazines.

This is how since 2019, Boutique.so has grown little by little, driven by a common passion for sport, exceptional photography, and the desire to offer unique, limited edition products. Join us in this continuing adventure, where each month is a new opportunity to discover exclusive visual treasures at Boutique.so, your preferred destination for sports fans looking for quality products.

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